A Letter…

We do have a letter came all the way from Liverpool, from a very precious friend and a former producer of RadyoVesaire; Melisa Sabuncu.

Most of you know her as the “beautiful voice” of the smash program “Jukebox”, which was aired last year; but we know her through her estimable personality and great friendship. She’s been in Liverpool for 6 months now and she had not forgotten us and wrote this letter in order to share with all of you.

We missed you Melisa and we wish you the best!

Here is the letter:


Ariana Ferentinou, Onur Uz and The Gang;

Last year I had the best experience of my life. Everything began in E4 101C. I don’t know how I came up with the idea of producing my own radio program, all I knew was that I loved music and I would love to share my passion for music with anyone and everyone. After meeting Onur and getting to know his passion for music and Radyovesaire, I just knew I had to give it a shot, and I did. Lights, microphone, action! Jukebox was ready to be aired, “The only jukebox that works without a coin”. I learnt so much in such a small amount of time. I know for sure that without Ariana, there wouldn’t have been no Jukebox. She taught me everything. She was the heart and soul.

The people I met in this journey were amazing. The team of 2012-13. The most fun, talkative, interesting bunch of people. Ariana I would say was the heart of the radio, Onur was the brain, Nilce the muscles, Melis the mouth with her perfect smile, joy and gift of the gab, Günseli the hair(because she had crazy blue hair) with the creativity she brought, and Yasemin the ears as she had a thing for Greek so she had an ear to pick up languages, Şehavet hanım and Burç the perfect personality. (Please forgive me if I forgot anyone!)

My advice for future presenters would be to cherish every moment. Never give up or never grow old. Spice up your show every week and ad lots of passion to what you do. Appreciate this wonderful chance you are given and the guidance of Onur and Ariana.

Lots of love all the way from Liverpool. Missing you all. The Brit. Melisa Sabuncu XXX